The Fashion Project Begins…

Hello everyone!

This is my first ever post. I am so excited to be launching The Fashion Project!

The Fashion Project will be full of class and distinction.

I will deliver you the latest and raw news on fashion- providing you with a better alternative to the tabloid media.

 Keep a look out for the latest fashion advice, designer profiles, current events, new trends etc…





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8 responses to “The Fashion Project Begins…

  1. Chloe Z

    Looks great L 🙂 Good work 🙂
    Can’t wait to keep updated with it all!

  2. Sarah

    Your blog is such a great idea! I look forward to future posts.

  3. Doing very well! I like and shall follow!


    miss liz

  4. Maya

    Hey LM,

    Great stuff! So very impressed with you miss. Keep up the good work xxx

  5. sister lauren

    well done, we are all very proud of you!

  6. missj3nna

    Your blog is fantastic Lisa!
    As a fellow journalism student I’m very proud of you 🙂
    keep up the good work chick xxx

  7. Ash.D

    Looks great Lisa! Well done.
    Looking forward to updates x x

  8. sister lauren

    your articles are great!

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