Fashion Calls For “Indian Givers”

Indian Giver's showroom in Victoria Parade, Collingwood AUS

It’s time to be realistic. Ask yourself- can you justify spending big bucks on the latest fashions? Most people would answer no.

Indian Giver is your solution.

Like men hire suits, women you now have the opportunity to borrow dresses.

Stevie Dellamarta launched her website Indian Giver, an online boutique, where designer dresses are for hire at a fifth of their original price.

Ms Dellamarta, along with many other fashion conscious women, continued to find herself spending $600 on a piece of clothing that was only worn once.

“It got to the point where all my friends had nice homes and I had nothing but a nice wardrobe,” Mrs Dellamarta confessed.

“The borrowing revolution is just about to take off. I couldn’t have launched Indian Giver at a better time now that the global recession has hit.”

Indian Giver has made designer dresses accessible to people without that financial commitment, where you can purchase five dresses for the price of one.

Australian Designer labels such as Kirrily Johnston, Willow, Life with Bird, Camilla and Marc are available to you through the online store.

Ms Dellamarta offers an optional insurance allowance of $10 to ensure that if your dress is damaged that you will pay no more than $100 in excess.  

There is no need to worry about the pickup and drop off of the dress  as Indian Giver also provides a reliable courier service to anywhere in Australia for $30. The courier will deliver and return your garment- it is all stress-free.

The next time you are planning to attend a special occasion log on to, enter into the tepee and select your dream designer dress.

Why not dress how you really want too without blowing the budget, nobody has to know!





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3 responses to “Fashion Calls For “Indian Givers”

  1. AMK

    And now all I want to know now is if they do matching shoes and accessories; and a perfectly clashing bag.

    And I’m male.


  2. lisamarieacciarito

    Thank-you for your comment AMK.

    Indian Giver launched in February of this year, so the company is still trying to set-up their foundations.

    Stevie did mention that she was contemplating whether or not to include shoes and hand-bags for this upcoming Spring Racing Carnival.

    So this is query is now being deliberated upon at Indian Giver’s head quarters.

    I hope that answers your query.


  3. koo80002

    Hi Lisa-Marie,
    I absolutely LOVE your website. It is wonderful. It has helped me keep up to date and learn so much. I am looking forward to future posts!!! Do you actually get to work with all these designers?? Either way I think it’s great what you’re doing! Thanks so much. Xxx

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