In Vogue Australia- 50 Years of Australian Style

In Vogue 50 Years of Australian Style Cover.

 Vogue Australia celebrates its 50th anniversary with a look back over five decades of people, fashions and style setters, the names the faces and the places in Vogue.”


Vogue 50th Anniversary



To celebrate Vogue Australia’s 50th anniversary, editor of Vogue Australia, Kirstie Clements and Vogue fashion writer, Lee Tulloch released the ‘fashion bible’ – In Vogue 50 Years of Australian Style.

This lavish book encapsulates a visual fashion journey of Vogue Australia as the magazine celebrates a coming of age.

The book includes images from a wide spectrum of Australian artists, musicians, actors, writers, models and thinkers.

Clements and Tulloch sifted through the fifty-year evolution of Vogue Australia and have showcased the best aspects of the fashion magazine -uniting fashion and the Australian culture.

The book allows you to slip through the ages and witness the pivotal moments in Australia’s fashion history.

“Over the years, Vogue championed Australia’s artists and writers, quizzed its politicians, celebrated its design talent, recorded its society gatherings and tackled serious issues…” said Clements and Tulloch in the foreword of the book.

The ‘fashion bible’ opens with Helmut Newton’s luminous image – the first issue of Vogue Australia released in August 1959. It then follows with the first editor of Vogue, Rosemary Cooper’s acceptance letter outlining that Vogue Australia has united with the Condĕ Nast group– both tremendous moments for Vogue Australia. But was only the beginning.

Vogue Australia has captured transitional moments in Australia’s culture, fashion and life-style history. The book covers separate time frames, where different issues of concern are addressed through high fashion images and text.

Vogue Australia wasn’t just about fashion, it questioned the norms and discussed the taboos of society covering the topics of sex before marriage, the Pill and woman’s independence.

In the 1970s a new “mood” was announced through the delicate pages of Vogue Australia. Women were invigorated with the ‘new’ freedom in fashion- to dress how they really wanted to without dictation: You could wear white in Winter and there was no need to feel concerned about the length of one’s skirt.

“No longer was there one all-powerful voice in fashion, dragooning women everywhere into wearing the same set uniforms …” said Clements and Tulloch.

The further you look through the book the more there is to be unravelled about the history and growth of Vogue Australia

As the book unravels, so does a visual comment on Australian society – not just a homage to Vogue




Below are some of the images taken out of In Vogue 50 Years of Australian Style.


Photograph by David Hewison. The Gentle Gypsies. June/July 1970.

Cover by Helmut Newton,  Summer 1960.

Catherine McNeil wearing Fendi silk and tulle dress in Maharani Moment photographed by Richard Bailey. April, 2008.


Fiesta and Fantasia photographed by Graham Shearer. The model wears a Trent Nathan gold silk shantung top and flounced skirt. December 1988.


Conquistador by Graham Shearer. Model wears Linda Jackson. December 1988.


Garden Gingham photographed by Grant Matthews. Model wears Tea Rose silk taffeta gingham dresses and silk pants. November 1992.

Isabel Cowan and Michael Pitt in Midas Touch, photographed by Patrick Russell. June 1980.

 Sarah Grant photographed by Patrick Russel in Check. August 1972.


Isabel Cowan wears Mark and Geoffrey silk jersey backless dress in Black After Dark, photographed by Patrick Russell. May 1983.



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3 responses to “In Vogue Australia- 50 Years of Australian Style

  1. Taylor Kelly

    I must have this book
    Will possibly con someone into buying it for me for my birthday
    Good Work!

  2. samoanceleb

    thanks so scanning these … are you able to/have you already scanned the Rachel Hunter photo by Graham Shearer? cheers, SC

  3. trina hughes

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