The Fashion Awards Australia

The Fashion Awards Australiaannual presentation evening was a spectacular night as it welcomed the whole community to support and honour emerging talented designers, rising stars and up-and-coming brands of Australian fashion.

All eyes were on the runway as Wyndham staged the prestigious presentation of fashion design.

Fashion Awards Australia allows contestants to show off their skills and creative flare in the design and construction of clothing.

The fashion event featured many talented young designers from secondary schools, TAFEs and professional designers- giving them the opportunity to experience backstage fashion whilst pushing forward the recognition of Australian textile design.

“The event was about giving young designers the opportunity to come together and show what they had worked on,” said Director, Heather Marcus.

Young designer, Lauren Acciarito said “The Fashion Awards is a great way to showcase our designs. The event is a stepping stone for me into the fashion industry.”

There were 12 categories ranging from recycled art, day wear to cocktail and long gowns.

Through illuminating the best in Australian fashion design, the country is put on notice that we have some promising future fashion designers on our hands.

Winners of the event can be found on:


Below are some images I took backstage:


Designed by Blaise McFarlane



Red and black pleated gown.


Black and white corset dress and lemon flowered dress designed by Lauren Acciarito


Grey zip jacket and chiffon detailed skirt designed by Elyse Metaxas


Models waiting to walk on the runway.


Backstage frenzy.


Race wear, designed by Geanie Todaro and made by Leffy Demeris


Orange and pink race wear designed by Craig Braybrook.


Models waiting backstage.



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3 responses to “The Fashion Awards Australia

  1. J.A

    Keep up the great work L.M!

  2. Melissa A

    Love the Photos and the Article well done it was a good night to see all the young talented designers we have and the Outfits were to die for. xx

  3. Wow, some really complicated outfits there! Looks like a fun event.

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