Clever shopping with Bettina Liano


WARNING: The information below will blow your mind. You may feel a sudden urge to shop, to shop like you have never shopped before. So, I thought I would be kind enough to warn you.


Australian designer, Bettina Liano, is currently in the middle of an enormous clearance sale. Clothes are discounted at up to 80 percent. Yes, you read correctly, discounts at up to 80 percent!

The warehouse sale is situated at 210 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

You cannot possibly miss the storehouse as Bettina Liano’s signature colours of yellow and black are splashed loudly across the front windows.

From a distance and in a state of utter excitement, the yellow and black signage gloriously shines at you, like a holy temple, luring you to go in and explore the fantastical treasures.

Well, I was in for a rude awakening. In entering the warehouse I came to the quick realisation that I was definitely not in a religious temple, despite my observation of people running around the store religiously scrummaging for clothes.

My confession: I slowly joined the scrummaging bandwagon, yes guilty as charged. But it was all worth it. I bought some amazing pieces, and there was still plenty left to go round.

The warehouse was highly organised split into specific size areas, from size 6 to 14. There was a range of jeans, tops, shorts, dresses and samples to choose from, suitable for spring or this upcoming summer.

Despite having to change in a communal change-room, (rekindling images of backstage fashion week) it was a very rewarding day of bargain hunting.

The sale is on for another week, running until Sunday the 4th of October, or until sold out. I highly recommend the bargain shopping adventure. It is the cleverest way to shop.


Below are images taken at the Bettina Liano sale:


210 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. Melbourne.

210 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Melbourne.






There were so many dresses!

Signs up around Melbourne

Signs promoting the sale in Melbourne, Australia.


Blue bow floral dress, purchased for $79.00

Blue bow floral dress, purchased for $79.00


LM xx



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8 responses to “Clever shopping with Bettina Liano

  1. Denise

    Love your blog Lisa-Marie. I can see you have worked very hard on it!! It’s written brilliantly. I love the picture of you with your purchases. Keep up the excellent work! Xxx

  2. esther

    i went last week. great minds think alike.
    bought some canary yellow floral tights!!! absolutely gorgus!!

  3. Linh

    looks like u did well with your purchases lovey…!! another well written piece, keep up the fab work xox

  4. It is too bad that Bettina Liano jeans aren’t marketed/known outside of Australia…

    They really do wonders for women’s asses.

  5. Thank-you everyone for your fabulous support!

    LM xxx

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  7. this dress is so adorable, defiantly a worthy purchase.

    – s & a

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