LATEST NEWS- Topshop set to arrive in AUS

Grazia Magazine have proudly announced that the flourishing British clothing-line Topshop is going to land here in Australia, putting twitter rumours and hopeful thinking to rest.

Grazia have anticipated that Topshop will be located in Sydney and possibly Melbourne.

The heart throbbing label is expected to be sold in Incu Stores.

You will no longer have to purchase your favourite items across the World Wide Web, neither will you have to roughly estimate what size you are as Topshop clothing is making its way to our Australian doorstep.

The people of Melbourne and Sydney may be granted one of the most exciting fashion gifts of all- Topshop, possibly changing fashion culture.

Check out Topshop online here:


Top Shop Website

Topshop Website


British Top Shop store

British Topshop store





LM xx



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6 responses to “LATEST NEWS- Topshop set to arrive in AUS

  1. sister lauren

    This is great! Well done!

  2. Taylor

    Sounds uh-maZing
    i cannot wait!
    good work LM!
    you can check it out for me in a couple of months sydney chick!
    all the more reason for me to take a Sydney w/e break!

    Keep up the good work

  3. esther

    where did the inspiration come from hmm… let me think hahaha
    nice work tho xx

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