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Follow up on Topshop extravaganza

For now, Topshop is set to arrive in Sydney only.

The fashion boutique store Incu shares a special retail partnership with Topshop.

The fashion partnership have announced that they will launch the Topshop range exclusive to Sydney- the people of Sydney have been labelled the ‘lucky ones.’

Karen Bonser, Topshop’s head designer told Harper’s Bazaar magazine that she “really [wanted] to give the girls in Australia a true taste of what Topshop is all about.”

“Our customers [don’t] necessarily follow trends by the book,” says Bonsor. “It’s about an instinct and a vibe. Trends are born on the street and we reflect this in our range we present to our customers. It’s then up to the individual to create their own style.”

On the 29th of October, Topshop doors will proudly open at Incu’s store at 256 Oxford Street, second floor, Paddington, New South Wales.

Incu are expected to receive new Topshop stock every month.

I will be in Sydney at the time of this great launch, so expect reviews and insight information from The Fashion Project.

I am very excited!!

LM xx

 Kate Moss for Topshop

Kate Moss for Topshop



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