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Integrating music and fashion – Renee Cassar

Fashion is a concept understood across the globe, it is also understood through music, powerfully uniting the world with a subject that we can all connect with.


Renee Cassar


Young rocking singer/songwriter, Renee Cassar, took some time out to chat to The Fashion Project revealing how important it is for a musician to uphold a sense of style.

Cassar’s love for music came about at an early age, writing song lyrics, poems, raps and stories on the roof-top of her house- a place where she could think clearly and collect her thoughts. As her enthusiasm for music developed so did her sense of style, growing into her ‘soft-grunge’ yet edgy persona.

In the early stages of her music career she was labelled MySpace’s Number 1 Unsigned Australian Artist, holding the position for 11 consecutive months.

Cassar now proves that fashion and music integrate together whilst launching her incredibly catchy debut single It’s not you. (Which was has been picked up by Nova, Triple J, Rage and Chanel V)

“Fashion and music are both means of expression and … it is ridiculously important for a music artist to uphold a sense of style, reflecting who they are and what their music is about,” said Cassar.

Cassar’s quirky outfits and vintage pieces are mainly purchased from regional op-shops and the clothing store Shag on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. She firmly believes that op-shopping is fantastic, especially if you have “great vision, looking beyond what is there.”

The young musician is making huge splashes into the Australian music arena and is definitely fashion savvy knowing how to express her true self and music through style.

As feminine frills and classic lines have been thrown out the door, we welcome a quirky yet rebellious rock-edge style that is indeed Renee Cassar. The pop-rock artist is truly an amazing vocal talent, one that you should keep an eye out for!


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Take a look at Renee Cassar’s It’s Not You  film clip and photographs below:



Renee Cassar


Renee Cassar- It's Not You


Renee Cassar


Renee Cassar





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