Paddy’s Market- Sydney

The Fashion Project arrived in Sydney – and was immediately advised that I should visit Paddy’s market.

Paddy’s is a popular market place amongst Sydneysiders, overflowing with rip off Louis Vuitton handbags, Miu Miu purses and Mac make-up –to name a few.

Despite the absurd amount of designer copies, Paddy’s houses a large amount of quality vintage accessories, food, beauty and furniture stalls.

My market purchases were: a funky grandfather hat, a chunky turquoise stoned bracelet and a couple of miniature Anna Sui coin purses. (See photographs below)

Paddy’s market is located in the heart of Sydney’s China Town at Market City 9-13 Hay Street Haymarket, NSW, operating on a Saturday at 10am to 7pm.

I highly recommend visiting the market to find your own affordable vintage pieces.

LM xxx

Market City

Market City

Grandfather hat $15

Grandfather hat $15

Crazy peacock eyelashes

Chunky turquoise stoned bracelet $10

Chunky turquoise stoned bracelet $10

Anna Sui coin purses $5 each

Anna Sui coin purses $5 each

Anna Sui coin purses $5 each



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12 responses to “Paddy’s Market- Sydney

  1. Georgie

    wow i love the fashion project!!!
    Loving all the different projects you write on..
    you amaze me

    love your work LM xxxx

  2. you look hot babe, very reminiscent of gucci from spring 2009 🙂 hope your well. Xo

  3. Cute! I love the markets in Sydney.

    Hope you’re having an amazing time up there hun!xx

  4. krystyna

    looks like so much fun!

  5. MC

    absolutely amazing…you look gorgeous lisa
    x x x

  6. sister lauren

    I LOVE IT!!

    the purses are cute and the bracelet is amazing
    if only melbourne had something like this!!

  7. Taylor

    I almost bought an anna sui bag like that the other day…but I held back…but can’t stop thinking about it…was one of the sequined ones…go to paddington market this w/e!
    you won’t regret it!

  8. Cousin Ashlee

    We will have to visit Paddy’s market in a few weeks time. I think i’d better start saving for this trip. I think there might be a lot of shopping to be done!

  9. Kayla Baggio

    aww looks like your having a ball!
    & i agree with lauren why cant melbourne have things like this!

  10. Good on you LM… had a good read of your blog … am a big fan!

  11. Don’t know if my previous post worked… but I was just saying that I am very impressed with your blog after reading a lot of it this morning LM. Well done! Am a big fan!

  12. Thank You, Keep up the Good work 🙂

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