Incu’s Top Shop launch

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I was well aware that Incu’s clothing store in Paddington, Sydney, was under special renovations, building a new level above their store, to make way for one of British’s leading clothing labels- Top Shop.

 It was Thursday the 29th of October: Top Shop’s launch. I was going to see the clothing range, laid out for me on a silver platter ready for inspection- no longer did I have to resort to the internet and the estimating of sizes.

I made my way quickly through the store ready to race up the stairs, when a young girl working at Incu politely stopped me and said, “we have closed upstairs for a couple of days, I’m sorry.”

I thought to myself: No way! Had they sold out the Top Shop range already? Today was meant to be the launch!

To my relief, the young girl continued to explain, “We have closed off our Incu store for a couple of days, as we are just showcasing our Top Shop range. All of our Top Shop clothes are here on the shop floor, but will eventually move back upstairs.”

I was so overwhelmed with excitement to see the flourishing range that it hindered my way of seeing.  I didn’t even notice that it was placed right in front of me on the shop floor.

After I had calmed down I made my way around the store, becoming more and more excited every time I came across familiar clothing items, as seen on Top Shop’s website.

To my surprise the clothing range was great and as clichéd as it sounds: ‘too good to be true’, mirroring the successful nature that makes Top Shop so unique.

 Incu’s stock was very similar to the website perhaps even better, as Incu housed Top Shop’s limited edition clothing pieces, pieces which are yet to be seen on the internet. There was no high mark-up in clothing prices as the clothes were the same price as the internet site.

No longer do we have to worry about postage and handling or what size you think you could fit into as it is finally here at our doorstep. Hurray!


LM xxx


Incu, Paddington, Sydney




Topshop - Topman








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3 responses to “Incu’s Top Shop launch

  1. Taylor

    hahahah of course you did…what did youbuy my love?
    good work!

  2. sister lauren

    i am saving up my pennys so we can shop some more when i come to sydney! 🙂

    Love you!

  3. I have been meaning to have a look for so long now. Really should go some time 🙂 Gorgeous post. x

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