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Spring Racing with The Melbourne Magazine


It was the 15th of September, the day that we were photographing a spring racing themed shoot for The Melbourne Magazine in Flinders- Aschcombe Maze.

Our call time was 9.00am (sharp). Models arrived at the Melbourne airport from Sydney. Everyone allowed extra time to travel to Flinders, however there was a horrific road accident on the Monash Freeway causing majority of the team to be late.

Many unexpected detours were completed due to the still-moving traffic, although I did have my boyfriend on the mobile phone directing me via Google where I should veer and continue driving – thankfully I arrived at Flinders safely.

Arriving at Aschcombe Maze was like arriving on a set out of a fairy tale. The winter sun was no longer shy as it shone bright over the wild flowers, tree ponds, willows and cottages. It was a truly special place.

Stylist, Kate Gaskin, began to organise the order of clothes in which would be photographed. Pulling out of her suitcase beautiful pieces by the likes of Zimmerman, Alannah Hill, Willow and Nicola Finetti – to name only a few –

The pace of the day was quick. Gaskin and I ensured that all accessories and clothes were all super organised.

 On one occasion we carried the outfits for the next shoot to the set to save much needed daylight/ time.

Photographs were shot outside the maze allowing more light to enter through the images. An illusion was created so that the models were thought to be inside the maze through clever angles and lighting.

The final product was beautiful, the clothes, the accessories, the set, the lighting and the vision made the photo shoot a complete success.

You can find the publication of this photo shoot in The Age’s Melbourne Magazine now.


Below are some images taken from the photo shoot:



















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